Friday, February 27, 2009

Blog Award!

I received this award from Crafty Sue. Thank you Susan!!! Please have a look at her blog she is so very talented!!!

The Rules of this award say I must list 7 somethings. I Choose to list 7 somethings I love to do:

1) Spending time with family

2) painting

3) Camping

4) Singing

5) Swimming

6) Film/Theatre

7) Watching Movies

Now I must forward this art award to 7 other blogs I will forward to 3 as I am fairly new to blogging and I only know of 4 so far:

1) Southshore Artist

2) Artshtick's Corner

3) Pencil Sanity


  1. LOL, I will gladly accept. Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. Thanks Nenny.....I think your doing pretty darn good to get these awards just starting out! Shows what a great artist you a question..... of your 7 things where is "Sunday Suppers" and "acting in movies"? LOL

  3. Thank you Mom LOL.. Well Sunday suppers is included in #1 and acting in movies goes with #7. I only could put 7 so I summed it

  4. Thank you Nenny!!! I'm honored!!