Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here are just a few paintings I have done from 2002 to 2006 all various sizes and mediums. Some I have sold, some were gifts and some I kept for myself ☺


  1. I see Leola! I see Leola! Jenn your art is beautiful...It is so similar to your mom's....It must be in your DNA!! I'm going to stalk - er - I mean follow you on your blog. Welcome to bloggerville Jenn!

  2. Welcome to blogging Jenn, I am somewhat new to it as well and am having a ball with all the new friends I am making.
    Your work is absolutely beautiful and I too see similarities to your moms work.
    I guess sometimes we get passed on to us some of the better qualities.
    Congratulations on your new blog and hope it brings you lots of new friends and followers.
    I will list you on my friends blogs to visit.

  3. Congratulations for your new blog!
    You and your mum are so talented!
    All your paintings are beautiful but your children are your masterpiece! They're beautiful.
    God Bless them!